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  • Media Solutions
    All your media in one place and on your TV, NO PC required, with NO monthly fees as it free. This is a no brainer, just plug and play in HD

    and UHD up to 4k
  • IPTV free IPTV in Thailand by JSAT.TVNO PC REQUIRED
    You do not need to spend hours working out how to put a PC on your TV. Just use the mediacenter which just does it all and no extra computer Required.
  • IPTV IPTV in Thailand by JSAT.TV

    New Solutions
    The new IPTV system with dedicated channels for most things, i.e. Sports Bars, Home, Pubs, hotels, Condos. Works with most commercial sMATV systems discuss with us.

We are XBMC/SPMC Hardware enablers »

IPTV in Thailand by JSAT.TV

IPTV from all around the world

Get your IPTV with our M8s media centers that are powered by SPMC - so that means you have live TV from around the world including the UK, USA, Canada, Germany,France, Russia, Thailand, China, Australia, and so many more countries. Read more here

We are XBMC/SPMC HArdware enablers »

IPTV in Thailand by JSAT.TV

a real time demo free with over 200 channels

If you want to check out if you can use a M8s in your location, then on your PC, MAC, iPad, android tablet, then simply click here. On your mobile devices simply click here (network charges apply). This is a full blown demo of one very small part of your M8s . Read more

do you need Your own IPTV solution »

IPTV in Thailand by JSAT.TV

do you need a HTPC/ IPTV solution?

We can provide a very simple to use and cheap IPTV solution for your sports bar, guesthouse or the large home with a complete stand alone solution for not much more than a standard SMATV solution (google it) . Call us to discuss your requirements or come talk to us today in person

your own centralised media server solution»

Media Solutions in Thailand by JSAT.TV

do you need Australian TV?

If you are missing TV from Austrlia then talk to us about the live Australian TV we carry from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelade, Pert time zones. Ideal for expat homes, pubs, clubs, condos, hotels. Talk to us about it on 02.714.3551.

UK TV with full onscreen program guide »

IPTV in Thailand by JSAT.TV

No need for expensive proxies, record option

Live UK TV from all the 25 terestrial channels like BBC1,2,3,4 ITV 1,2,3,4 more, 5, Dave,and so much more live on your mediacenters complete with EPG or a TV guide and NO proxy required See a live demo here

US TV with full onscreen program guide »

US Local Channels LIVE here in Thailand

Every box comes with the free mediacenter that also has many of the US local TV channel free to watch and it comes with a programe guide to help you
See a live sample demo, simply click here

Remember no monthly fee for the SPMC media centers it is free to use - if we update the operating systems on your box then we need to do it here NOT remote like before as it involves dumping your existing Operating System for the new one and this has to be done in our offices.

Read our latest newsletter here - Kiwi TV added - USA HDTV Added - Australian HDTV

simple set up of the M8s box on any HD TV or UHD TV it's so simple as these 3 steps

  • IPTV free IPTV in Thailand by JSAT.TV

    UPGRADES: If you purchased a box from another provider, we are happy to update it and upgrade it and the media centers. Simply call me (Anne) The cost is THB 1,000 + EMS

  • IPTV free IPTV in Thailand by JSAT.TV

    Full M8s in uHD streaming movies, IPTV, music, pictures on this full blown media center with free IPTV from around the world . THB 5,000

  • IPTV IPTV in Thailand by JSAT.TV

    New Set Stop Box with HD and SD clled a MAG250 with TV from all over the world (ask) over 700 channels click to learn more THB 11,500

The ultimate in sports networks for pubs across Thailand cheaper than most satellite systems at THB 11,500 with over 50 sport channels and 700 +others

JSAT IPTV for free in Thailand